Photo: Justin Mayer

About Bridget C. Reed

Since a young age, Bridget Reed has been drawn to design, computers, and technology as a whole. She is currently a full-time Philadelphia-based UI/UX designer and front-end software developer, as well as a part-time designer, organizer, and teacher for Girl Develop It Philadelphia and an active member in the Philly tech community. On the rare occasion that Bridget is offline, she can be found participating in local tech meetups, sampling craft beer, digging through crates of vinyl records, and exploring local brunches for the best biscuits and gravy around town.



40° 16' 8.311" N // 75° 9' 19.2564'' W


39° 57' 41.0616'' N // 75° 8' 58.012" W


Guardians of the Galaxy OST LP
Mondo press on 180 gram Purple Infinity Stone colored vinyl w/ screen-printed single sleeve jacket, artwork by Tyler Stout]



Cotton Bureau
Campbell's Soup
Susan G. Komen
Dow Chemical
U.K. Parliament
Pennsylvania Ballet
Geno's Steaks
"Global Top 5 Pharma"
+ more

Resume available here.